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29 September 2021 - 30 September 2021
SPEEDIER Service: A new approach to selling energy audits and energy efficiency advice

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SPEEDIER Service: A new approach to selling energy audits and energy efficiency advice to SMEs

Inspiring and instructive high-level sessions pledges knowledge gain and new business contacts.

The SPEEDIER project is organizing second training event to spread the wide benefits of energy audits, assessment and management to SMEs. 

The event will provide information, advice and energy audits` tools for the implementation of energy efficiency solutions and the monitoring of cost savings measures. The participants will have an opportunity to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities to become a SPEEDIER Expert and Trainer.

SPEEDIER, is a highly innovative one-stop-shop solution that applies an integrated approach to energy management (https://speedierproject.eu). The project is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme.

Topics addressed?

  • Introduction to the SPEEDIER Service.
  • Building an Energy Culture. 
  • New approaches to overcoming the financial barriers to energy auditing.
  • SPEEDIER Tool for SPEEDIER Experts.
  • SPEEDIER Mobile App.
  • Impact Assessment.

Why participate?

  • Know the state-of-the-art about the existing energy auditing schemes, incentives, existing tools, policies and projects.
  • Discover the SPEEDIER tool and also a mobile app aimed at supporting the energy auditing process and innovative financial investment mechanisms.
  • Know how to build an energy culture in a SME and the importance of the role of the Energy Champion.

How do you benefit from this event?

  • Better understanding of the SMEs` needs towards energy efficiency and the main barriers inhibiting the implementation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM).
  • Know first-hand how the SPEEDIER self-financing mechanism works and how to link energy management to the strategic business objectives.
  • Gain knowledge on the SPEEDIER tool, the Mobile App functions and the related services.
  • Have the possibility to be in contact with experts in the field from different countries.
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Spain 23
Romania 22
Ireland 18
Italy 14
Mexico 2
Greece 1
Portugal 1
Canada 1
Ukraine 1
Bangladesh 1
Türkiye 1
Total 85
SMEs 18
Energy Auditor 15
Other 11
Association/Agency 10
University 9
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Large Company 6
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